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Software Overview: JAWS for Windows

Picture of JAWS software
JAWS for Windows is a comprehensive screen reading program that helps low vision or blind users complete computer-based tasks such as browsing the web, sending and reading e-mail, utilizing spreadsheets, and accessing databases.

JAWS works alongside popular applications, reading information on the computer screen using synthesized speech. With a refreshable braille display, JAWS can also provide braille output in addition to, or instead of, speech.

An array of versatile features and customizable options lets users tailor JAWS to individual needs, preferences, and skill levels.


Assistive Materials:

The staff at the Assistive Technology and Accessibility Centers have prepared the following tutorials on the use and operation of JAWS for Windows:

Company Information:

JAWS for Windows is produced by Freedom Scientific.

The company's JAWS Page can help you discover more about JAWS, quickly and easily navigate to a number of other online resources, download demos and updates, and learn some valuable tips and tricks for using JAWS.

Freedom Scientific also publishes a guide called "Surf's Up! Surfing the Internet with JAWS," that teaches how to use the powerful features of JAWS to get the most out of surfing the Web.