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Hardware Overview: Special Mice and Pointing Devices

Several models of mice and other pointing devices are available at the ATAC to help with mobility impairments.

Use any of the links below to learn more about a particular pointing device.

Picture of Fellowes MicroTrac Finger Mouse
Fellowes MicroTrac Finger Mouse

This small, lightweight trackball mouse is held in the hand like a trigger with the index finger held in the opening. The thumb rotates the ball and clicks the buttons. ...


Picture of a hand resting on the Evoluent Vertical Mouse 2
Evoluent Vertical Mouse 2

A standard horizontal mouse requires your forearm to twist away from its natural position. The Evoluent Vertical Mouse 2 has a shape that supports your hand in a relaxed handshake position and eliminates forearm twisting, providing superior comfort...


Picture of feet operating the foot mouse
NoHands Foot Mouse

The NoHands foot mouse is a mouse that you operate with your feet. The system utilizes two interchangeable foot pedals. One pedal features a 360-degree pressure-sensitive mechanism, allowing the user to control both cursor speed and direction with one foot, while the other pedal is used as a clicking device...


Picture of a hand atop the Whale Mouse
Whale Mouse

The contoured palm rest of this mouse encourages neutral wrist, hand and finger positions. It also promotes the use of the larger arm muscles by allowing the more delicate muscles to relax...


Picture of the Trackball Mouse
Trackball Mouse

Trackball devices allow you to control the cursor on your screen by manipulating a ball rather than moving a mouse. This requires far less wrist or arm movement...


Picture of the Cirque Power Cat Touch Pad
Cirque Power Cat Touch Pad

Unlike a mouse or trackball, the touch pad requires little or no wrist and arm movements. You move the cursor with a simple guide of the finger or tap of your finger. The device allows for several operations on the pad's surface, including navigating the Internet, horizontal and vertical scroll, and changing magnification (zoom)...


Picture of the Joystick Mouse being used by a seated person
Joystick Mouse

The joystick mouse is useful for people with motor difficulties. The large joystick is securely mounted on a heavy base, assuring that the unit will stay in place during use. The arm is positioned for natural, comfortable movement...


Picture of Woman using the Headmaster

The Headmaster is a head pointing system that takes the place of a mouse. Head movements cause the mouse to move on the screen. For mouse selection (click, drag, etc.), a sip 'n puff switch can be attached to the headset. The user puffs on the tube to make selections...