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2009 CIC IT Accessibility and Usability Working Group Annual Summer Conference Proceedings

Opening Remarks

You can download and listen to an audio recording of the conference's opening remarks (mp3, 1MB)

or listen to it using the accessible player below (requires Adobe Flash):


>> We are going to have the tours following the conference on Tuesday. There will be representatives of the different areas, and the places where tours will be offered to are the two that I've mentioned, plus the digital library project. We will have maps so that you can walk to the destination of your choice for those that are interested. And we felt that was probably the best way to manage the tour situation this year. I think that there's a context with regard to has come the farthest. Someone said you need to go home and get out your atlas and figure it out exactly, but by the time I got home it was late, and I still had conference prep word to do, so we have people from Iowa and Penn State, and they will have to duke it out. Perhaps there will be an arm wrestling or mud wrestling contest later. And we can decide who really came the farthest to the conference today.

Unfortunately, Brad Wheeler will not be able to be with us today to give opening remarks. He's an extraordinarily busy person and may stop in later at some point during the conference to give his remarks, but we'll just have to wait and see about that.

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